Charlotte’s Corner

Moving to Chicago (7/29/2012)

Once I moved back to Chicago. It was  two-day trip. We stopped in two places, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I’m like a boomerang because I was born in Chicago, then I moved to Boston, then I moved back to Chicago. I sort of miss my friends, especially my best friend Audrey.

Bob the Betta Fish (9/6/2012)
Happy Fathers’ Day (6/21/2015)

6 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Corner

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    It must be interesting to live up so high and see the lake. Julia and I are staying in Eugene, Oregon this summer after spending the winter in Hong Kong teaching. But we’re coming to Chicago in October, so we’ll see you then. I ry to swim every day; hope you do too.

    Love, Chuck

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