Reflux Chronicle: Another Hurdle Cleared

Charlotte had a terrible stomach bug this weekend. I’ll spare you the details and say only that it came on quite suddenly and only lasted for 12 hours. By Sunday morning she was feeling well enough to grab a banana out of my friend Jackie’s hand and eat about 2 inches of it. Today she ate nearly 600 calories of solid food and drank all of her Pediasure.

We had our follow up appointment with Dr. Newport today, checking in on weight to make sure that Charlotte had bounced back from last month’s atypical pneumonia.

Charlotte weighed in at 31.5 lbs or 14.2 kilos. She’s down only about .25 lbs. Since we weighed her today in only a diaper and we then realized that last time we weighed her fully clothed, and since she just had a tummy bug, Dr. Newport was not worried at all.

There is nothing worse than seeing your normally happy, bouncy toddler simply sit on the floor and stare into space like Charlotte did on Saturday afternoon. But, if she had to be sick, I’m grateful that we could learn from it how well she’s doing without her tube!