Hurray for Underpants!

I won’t bore you with potty training details. I think most of my readers have “been there, done that.” I’ll just say this–we tried to avoid Pull Ups and had nearly two full days of disaster over Memorial Day. So, we caved and went with Pull Ups. Charlotte got the knack of it pretty quickly and her camp counselor said it was okay to send her to camp, and even pre-school, in Pull Ups.

Then Janet, day care provider extraordinaire, asked me to send Charlotte to her with underpants because, and we all agree, Pull Ups are really, really hard for kids to pull up and down themselves. They get even more difficult to maneuver as the weather gets warm.

So, always one to take Janet’s advice and her unsolicited help, I let Charlotte pick out a pair of panties (Elmo, of course). She did great. Today she was at home with me and we had day #2 of underpants success.

Under that dress is an Elmo potty seat. Really.

As Elmo and Prairie Dawn say in Charlotte’s favorite video, Elmo Potty Time, “Hurray for Underpants”!!

What is Charlotte reading, you ask? Why, her favorite “reading room” book, Feed Matisse’s Fish. She loves the cadence of it, “Tick Tock, it’s x o’clock, time to xyz. Do this do that, what a busy day.” She knows it by heart, of course. The most fun is when she turns her own day into the book “Tick Tock it’s 12 o’clock, time to eat my lunch, climb the chair and click on in, what a busy day.”