Charlotte in Belgium

Charlotte had a grand time in Belgium visiting Nenenne (Philippe’s mother), Tante Mich, and Philippe’s aunts and uncles, and our friends.
How were the flights?

She barely slept on either flight. Daddy helped her get some rest

She read Olivia Counts over and over on the way there and Iggy Peck about 7 times on the flight home. She recited Olivia and the Missing Toy and Iggy Peck spontaneously several times each day.

She sang Mamma Mia on request at each visit. Imagine her delight when Philippe’s friends joined her in duets!

What were Charlotte’s favorite moments?

Her first piano lesson, given by the maestro Tonton Ric.

Snuggling with Nenenne. She’s already asked several times since we got back if we’re going to see Nenenne in the morning.

How did she eat? Beautifully. We crossed our fingers and crossed the Atlantic without the Zevex pump (because we don’t remember the last time we used it). We syringed no more than 90 mls. per day. She sampled olives and pate, chowed on french fries and potato chips, and discovered curried chicken.

The funniest moment? Charlotte grabbed a handful of french fries from my bowl at lunch one day. She then dunked a fry into her bowl of chocolate pudding, stared at it seriously for a moment, shoved it into her mouth, declared “yummmm,” and chewed it right up! Not only did we hold our breath as she contemplated her culinary concoction, but at least one other family in the restaurant watched and giggled.

She’s transitioned back to Chicago time beautifully, perhaps because she never really transitioned to Belgian time. And, according to Jenna, she’s spontaneously speaking French, answering “oui” to a question yesterday.