Leapin’ Lizards, Where Does the Time Go?

We’re all glad 2017 is over, for many of the same reasons as the rest of you. It went out with a fizzle as we came home to frozen pipes last night and still have no water. But, for the most part, the year had more ups than downs: I, quite unexpectedly, landed an amazing job; Philippe is also in a new, exciting role at a new company; Charlotte passed all her heart milestones (checkups and stress test) with flying colors. Our favorite new Chicago philanthropy–Cradles to Crayons Chicago–finished its first year in Chicago, and helped more than 50,000 disadvantaged kids. We’re proud to have been a part of that as members of the Family Advisory Committee and the Teen Leadership Corps. (Look for C’s happy face in the front row).  
C2C drop off_062017

Charlotte with a carload of toys for Cradles to Crayons, collected as a service project for the Teen Leadership Corps.

Charlotte’s Journey Home is on semi-permanent hiatus since Charlotte has asked for privacy about medical issues moving forward. If a heart thing comes up, we’ll post with her condition and, thank goodness, we haven’t had to do that in years. She continues to be a best case Truncus Arteriousus patient. And she is now developing into a mensch who chooses to support Cradles to Crayons Chicago not just for her bat mitzvah service project, but because she loves the cause, the people who work there and the way it makes her feel (umm…very tired, but happy). 
Out of respect for Charlotte’s request for privacy–though she is adamant that I leave the site up so it can help others (I did mention she’s a mensch, right?), I won’t end with a list of her accomplishments and goals. I will, however, reprise an old standard, Charlotte by the numbers:
Height: 5’6″
Weight: Nunya business
Number of times she cracks us up daily: I’ve lost count
Grade: 7th
Countdown to her bat mitzvah: 4 1/2 months
How many miles she ran this year: Dozens–she’s on the cross country and track teams, a third generation Goldman runner
Next time you can run with her: May 20, for the Lurie Children’s Move for the Kids 5K (you knew I’d get a hospital plug in, right?)
How many times she makes us proud: I’ve lost count
How often she annoys us: Ditto (She is a tween. And we annoy her, too)
Want a more interesting New Year’s Day post? Read this one, from her very first new year’s celebration. Now, that was a year to write about!
Until next time, friends, thanks for reading, for supporting our heart warrior, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!