Charlotte’s Corner: Happy Father’s Day

Let me just start by saying congratulations to my dad for his 10th Father’s Day. That’s pretty much a way to say both that I just turned 10 and that my dad is old. I’m not saying that that makes him any less awesome. And I’m not going to. After all, my parents have been lecturing talking to me about lying lately and saying that he wasn’t awesome would be much more than just a little fib. It would be HUGE GIANT  GINORMOUS!!!! He is the most awesome dad in the world. Of course, all girls think that their dads are the best. But I have never ever in the world met a dad that was more awesome than mine.

Funny Daddy

My dad is not only awesome, but also funny. I’m not going to talk about every occasion, because that would take all day week month year century. Here’s just one of the times when he was the most humiliating and hilarious person in my life:  At my birthday party, I had a slumber party and I took all my friends bowling. When it was someones turn, he’d sing their names like an opera song. For instance, Charlooooote! And my dad has this big, loud, deep voice so I’m pretty sure everyone from where we were to ten rows down heard him.

Inside Out

Tomorrow, we are going to see Inside Out. It is so popular. There is even an Inside Out Disney… something or rather. I’m really exited to see it. So is Dad. I really have nothing else to say.

The End

I hope everyone got the message of this blog post. If not here: My dad is awesome.





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