The Wait Begins (#CHDAware)

Update #2: Phil and I are now up in the family great room at the Regenstein cardiac care unit, waiting. My brother is keeping us company.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:20 and begin preparing. Dr. Backer came in and greeted us. And the nurse had to do the antibacterial wipes again. That caused quite a bit of drama, but once it was over the anesthesiologist came in and gave Charlotte a shot of Versed.

By the time they took her back she was relaxed and giggling, and as Hal said, fittingly talking to us as they rolled her away, asking the anesthesia team about the bar code don’t and telling me how she knew about it.

The surgery will take 5 to 7 hours. Please forgive us if we don’t respond individually to each email or text to be a long day.


6 thoughts on “The Wait Begins (#CHDAware)

  1. Best of luck to both you two and Charlotte. Seems like getting bumped back is a normal progression of things. Brave girl. 🙂 Do they give you a heart pillow afterwards at LCH? If not..I think I can remedy that…

  2. I don’t know how big the pillow you have is. The idea is something for her to hug that’s big and soft but relatively flat and will disperse pressure across her body instead of right on the scar line like small or harder pillowy/stuffed animals do. Your pillow is probably perfect!

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