What Would You Be Doing 18 Hours Before Major Surgery?

After her pre-op appointment (more on that later), Charlotte led us to the 900 N. Michigan building. She was determined to play piano for an audience at Art for the Heart, a shopping event benefitting Saving tiny Hearts Society. She was so touched and honored to have been asked to play, even the day before her surgery, that she simply couldn’t imagine not trying. At about 5:15, just as the vent was beginning and before it got into full swing, Charlotte hit a wall. She had to play and then she had to leave. So, Francie, the director of StHS, and her merry band of volunteers stopped what they were doing to listen to Charlotte play a Steinway.

Not bad for 12 hours before surgery, no music (umm, we left it at home), and a broken pinky, right?!

Her reward? A snuggly blanket for the hospital and heart-shaped cake pops.

Bravo, Charlotte. You’ve proved once again that a mended heart may be the strongest heart of all.


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