Not What You Think It’s About

You know how your mom always told you that if you “it’s all fun until someone gets hurt”?  Well, someone got hurt. Neither Charlotte nor Phil can remember the exact turn of events, but after they horsed around in an elevator for a few minutes last Saturday, Charlotte’s finger hurt. A lot. And she couldn’t bend it.

After lunch, the finger was swollen and hurt a lot more. I called Lurie Children’s Convenient Care and made an appointment. (Seriously, if it’s not a real emergency, why go to the ER if you can get an appointment at a place with an x-ray machine?!) By the time we got there, little purple bruises had begun to blossom on the second and third knuckles of the offended finger.

Two exhausting hours (and a chapter of The Two Towers) later, the diagnosis: a fractured pinky finger. A hairline fracture, but bad enough to require a splint and a return follow-up with the orthopedist.


The Child Who Doesn’t Nap


It’s not so bad when the splint gets you a trip to Mrs. Murphy’s for fish and chips and ice cream.



Today’s follow up wasn’t quite as long–though Charlotte did miss two tests that we’ll have to do at home. The orthopedist said, “Well, her x-ray is not impressive. Just a minor hairline fracture. But let’s splint it again and we’ll see you in three weeks.”


The upside to a broken finger? Heart surgery seemed far less dramatic this week. Charlotte was inconvenienced by the splint. It is uncomfortable, hot and sweaty and kept her from participating in acrosport at gym. Funny how the immediate minor problem completely displaced all discussion of the upcoming major surgery. The countdown basically stopped.  Gotta love being nine!


Thank you to the newest members of Team Charlotte: Dr. Higgins, pediatrician on call last Saturday, and Dr. Janecki, orthopedist today. Jose the splint guy and Nurse Nancy (even though her name tag says “Ann.”)



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