Orthopedic Follow Up

When we last left Charlotte on her medical odyssey, she had had “scoliosis” added to her already extensive and impressive list of diagnoses. Fortunately it is not life-threatening, nor even (at this point) life-altering.

We met with Dr. King, the orthopedist, in August and, based on his findings, he suggested a six-month check up so that he could ascertain if the curve in her lower spine is increasing quickly or not.


A refresher–the original diagnosis noted a 15% curvature, just enough above average (10%–we all have some curvature in our spines) to elicit a diagnosis.

This week’s follow up shows the curvature holding steady at 15%. So we are officially on a yearly rotation for follow up unless we notice something or the doctor does. At this point, he doesn’t expect to see much change until she hits her growth spurt in about 3 years.

On the growth spurt front: Dr. King mentioned the “growth spurt” just after I learned that Charlotte has grown 1.3 inches since her August visit. At 4 ft. 8 ins. she is officially less than one foot shorter than I am, and perhaps more interesting, less than 4 inches shorter than her cousin Jamie (Jamie is none to pleased about this, by the way).

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