Move for the Kids 5K Benefiting Lurie Children’s Hospital

Charlotte ate an oyster and she liked it.

Charlotte ate an oyster and she liked it.

I’ll be updating the blog this weekend; nothing major going on, just regular kids stuff like eye doctor visits and strep tests.

In the meantime, I want to invite you to participate—in person or virtually—in this year’s Move for the Kids 5K benefitting Lurie Children’s Hospital (or Charlotte’s Hospital, as we call it).  Even the smallest donation will help the Children’s Service Board raise its stated goal of $40,000 for this year’s walk.  Last year the CSB raised nearly $120,000 and was the leading team and the leading affiliated organization on the walk. All proceeds donated through the following link will go directly to the hospital and be credited to the Children’s Service Board, benefiting our commitment to pediatric surgery.

Everyone in Chicago has a Children’s story. And many of you have pediatric surgery stories at other wonderful pediatric hospital. I hope you’ll consider helping write the next chapter of Lurie Children’s with a donation. No donation is too small—I mean that.

Full disclosure–we’ll be participating virtually as we’ll be in NJ for my 30th high school reunion (I know…none of my dear readers every thought I could be that old!).  Team Charlotte’s goal is $1,000. Like the Children’s Service Board, we far exceeded our goal last year and topped out at $7,500. Now. Can we please see if we can meet the goal without the extra pus from Bamma.

Click here to join Team Charlotte and the Children’s Service Board as we Move for the Kids!

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