66,529.74 Reasons to Be Grateful

Charlotte ate an oyster and she liked it.

66,529.74 reasons to be grateful and counting.  That is the total, to date, of the expenses for Charlotte’s recent cardiological procedures. We are ever-so-grateful to have good insurance that leaves us with a predictable maximum out of pocket expense. With each bill I am reminded that Charlotte is not a regular kid. She’ll have to manage her healthcare on her own one day, and that will mean always having insurance.  While I know that the new healthcare laws aren’t popular with everyone and don’t fix everything, I sigh with deep relief knowing they get rid of an insurance company’s ability to deny Charlotte insurance due to an existing condition.

Today, we had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at the Signature Room with soaring, if hazy, views of lovely Chicago.  It started to rain as we took an after dinner stroll on Michigan Avenue, so we ducked into Lurie Children’s Hospital.  We gave Mom a brief tour, showing her the plaque with her name (thanks, Mom!), and then waited in the lobby–warm and dry–while Philippe gallantly went for the car (thanks, Philippe!).

Ms. Phyllis M. Goldman, my mother, and a strong supporter of the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. Join her at Heroesforlife.org.

I still have some post-hospital updates to do about the procedure and our stay, but for today, I want to thank you all for reading and traveling Charlotte’s Journey with us for more than seven years.

I also want to thank the committed women who are my friends and co-philanthropists on the Children’s Service Board, the other affiliated organizations, and the Lurie Children’s Foundation for all they do,  I am well aware that $66,000+ probably doesn’t cover all the costs of the services and care we received.  The sobering thought, among others, is that the Gold Coast Fashion Award Show–which raised $400,000+ does so much and yet barely scratches the surface.

So, in advance, I thank all of you who click here to join us in meeting the Children’s Service Board’s commitment to Pediatric Surgery.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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