Everything We Needed to Know We Learned Playing UNO

Charlotte has become a bit of a card shark this summer. Thanks to a wonderful birthday gift from her pal Trudy, she now LOVES Sleeping Queens. She can’t get enough of it.  Grown ups seem to enjoy it, too, and it is fun to hear a babysitter say that she played Sleeping Queens for 1.5 hours, or to hear my mom and Charlotte trash-talking during a game (yes, really).

We like it, too, but got a bit tired of it, so we bought UNO and taught Charlotte how to play that, too.  At first she kept forgetting whose turn it was or what some key rules are. Now, uncannily, she wins and wins.

We’ve learned a few important life lessons from UNO and Sleeping Queens.

  • You play the cards you’re dealt. Nothing more, nothing less
  • We’ll call your bluff and you’ll pay the price
  • Wait your turn
  • And, as an added lesson in creativity and entrepreneurship, a six-year old can, with the help of a sister and parents, create an award-winning, obsession-building game. We just wish it was our kid who did it!



Some Random Regular Kid Thoughts:
Today was the last day of camp. Charlotte LOVED camp.  She also adores her new sitter, Susan, who has been helping out by meeting Charlotte’s bus and hanging with her after camp a few days a week. One of the reasons she loves Susan is that she can get Susan to take her to Pinkberry for a frozen yogurt almost every time they meet. I will go once a week, maybe. And I’ll get her a mini, which is plenty big enough. Susan gets a small. Susan, in other words, has been had by our little conniver. With that smile, I think Charlotte could get away with criminal acts.

Please note the trophy–“Best All Around Camper”–I think each and every kid gets the same trophy, but Charlotte is over the moon. (And, yes, I love smart phones and that Susan sends me photos and lets me know what they’re up to!).

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