Moving Day!

Again, not our moving day. We’re in corporate housing in downtown Chicago, high up on the 48th floor. You can see the view in the photo of Charlotte.  We can just about see the fireworks each Wednesday and Saturday  night.  After an afternoon at the pool, we come upstairs and play UNO. I look out at the lake, pretend it’s the ocean and decide we’re at a seaside resort.

We’ve moved. Children’s Hospital has moved. Now it’s time for Charlotte’s Journey Home to move. I’ve decided to move to WordPress so that when I write I only have to use one platform (my other blog, Culture Bean, originated here. Like that blatant plug?).

I’m working on importing the past seven years to WordPress so  you don’t have to toggle  back and forth. In the meantime, please note that Charlotte’s Corner (upper right nav) has it’s own tab and will be updated as the muse takes her.

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