Who knew that in addition to super-fresh seafood, easy access to mountains and the ocean, and proximity to my family, our move would bring us to “the heart of the most fertile puppetry-producing region of the country.”?* And that proximity would make us neighbors to the best-kept secret in Boston, The Puppet Showcase Theatre?

Yesterday we took Charlotte to her first professional (i.e., non-birthday party) puppet show, in a theatre dedicated to nothing but puppets. We had no idea what to expect beyond a puppet-rendition of Rumplestilskin. We were all delighted by Dream Tale Puppets’ production of the tale, performed by two puppeteers and five tabletop puppets. A perfect 60-minutes long, the show captured Charlotte’s complete attention. She was delighted by the puppets and the story (a girl becomes a queen, just her speed). We thought the staging was terrific and the story well-told. Lots of good giggling was done by all.
Stay tuned to learn about how this performance inspired Charlotte’s activities for the rest of the day and this morning.

4 thoughts on “Rumplestilskin

  1. Chuck,You did and it will! We thought of you and Julia yesterday and commented on how much you'd probably like this theatre. By the way, Charlotte pronounces it as you do–thee-ater. Not sure where she picked it up, but it makes me smile every time!

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog. And my daughter is 4 months with TA as well. I read your old postings to see how your experience has been compared to mine and I feel like I'm reading my own thoughts! We are calorie counting right now but tube has been off for 2 weeks. Any advice on feeding. She is almost 4 months and slightly under 10pounds. I saw Charlotte was around there too at that time. He nutritionist gives such high expectation but our little one seems to be telling us she is tooooo full! A little frustrating.

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