The Blog is Back!

I have been a remiss blogger. As my brother noted on Facebook, we’ve had a LOT going on–Philippe got a new job for which we’ve all moved to the greater Boston area. I’ll be “back-blogging” about Charlotte’s journey to her new home (and new school, new city, apartment-living, etc.), but for now, I wanted to share Charlotte’s first day on the ski slopes, Butternut in the Berkshires, to be specific.


So excited. Ready to rock the mountain!

Do you notice anything different about Charlotte? Yep, her disintegrating top left tooth has finally fallen out. And, even better, her top right tooth FELL out last Saturday night. She can fit her whole thumb in there!

DURING We started Charlotte with a private lesson today. She and her teacher, Amelia, had the coolest names on the mountain today.


After an hour of skiing and some time walking around in those crazy heavy boots, Charlotte crashed on the way home.
Skiing, by the way, is a sport that Philippe has been concerned about in terms of Charlotte’s heart. He’s always wondered if it’s okay for her to be in high altitudes and to move at the speeds that intermediate skiers employ. Her surgeon, Dr. Backer, told us that he skis with some of his patients in Colorado (I think), so not to worry. Our friend Jessica, also a truncus arteriosus patient, has told us that her body clearly tells her what it can and can’t do. So far, all is good for Charlotte and skiing. Good thing, too. I think she caught the bug in a major way today.
She’s SO ready for ski school on Saturday!

3 thoughts on “The Blog is Back!

  1. Hey! It's Jessica. I see Charlotte is enjoying winter activities!! That's so great you got her skiing. The only thing I would stress is for her to wear the lightest gear, coats and pants possible. That was what wore me out, walking around in those big boots lugging all the heavy stuff I was wearing with me, up and down the slopes. Good luck! I hope she has soo much fun!!Jessica

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