Opthamology Update

On a tire swing during a family trip to the park last Sunday. She spun so much that she wobbled for some time when she got off. And giggled, of course.

Charlotte saw her eye doctor today. She really hated the flashlight shining in her eyes and she hated the eyedrops even more. But everything looks good for now. Her prescription hasn’t changed and Dr. Z. seemed happy. We go back in 6 months.
After Charlotte’s appointment we crossed the street to quickly get a flu shot and a blood test for me at the office of Dr. Gale, the doctor who brought Charlotte into the world. Charlotte payed rapt attention while my blood was drawn; her biggest concern was that I shouldn’t need a bandaid (she hates bandaids). Dr. Gale was so excited to see Charlotte. I think the last time she saw Charlotte was nearly 2 years ago. And, Charlotte was excited to learn that Dr. Gale knows Dr. Z. You see, everyone knows Dr. Z!!

1 thought on “Opthamology Update

  1. I had been doing a Google Images search and came across one of the pictures from your blog. Before I knew it, I read every post! It’s really hard to believe how far Charlotte has come over the years, and she is lucky to have such patient and loving parents!It’s also great to know that there are other bloggers from Chicago floating around here. And everyone DOES know Dr. Z! I actually used to be a patient. Haha.I wish all of you continued success! Keep blogging!

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