Feeding Clinic Visit

Charlotte with her favorite monster last Sunday. She’s still talking about her celebrity encounter!

Charlotte and I visited Sara, her dietician, at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin today. Charlotte’s “official” CHOW weight was 15.3 k, or precisely what it was back in June. While her vertical growth (she’s up to 3 feet 5.75 inches) is steady, Sara is a tad concerned that her weight gain is flat. Charlotte has gone from 94% ideal weight for height to 90% ideal weight for height.

Charlotte did have 3 ear infections in about 6 weeks (August through September), followed by a 24-hour “summer fever,” all of which dampened her appetite in the past two months.

I’m hoping that now that she’s healthy (save for a sniffly nose), she’ll start chowing down again. But, we’re back to needing to be vigilant about caloric intake, adding calories where we can, and worrying about food and weight.

On the bright side:

  • We don’t have to worry about reflux. Even with her last ear infection and her current runny nose, we’ve not seen any gagging or vomiting.
  • She is in the 97th percentile for height for her age (not quite 3 1/2). To put it another way, she’s average for a 4 year old (and in our experience, she’s as tall or taller than most 4 year olds we know!).
  • Sara loved the broad range of foods Charlotte will try or will eat.

Opthamology Update

On a tire swing during a family trip to the park last Sunday. She spun so much that she wobbled for some time when she got off. And giggled, of course.

Charlotte saw her eye doctor today. She really hated the flashlight shining in her eyes and she hated the eyedrops even more. But everything looks good for now. Her prescription hasn’t changed and Dr. Z. seemed happy. We go back in 6 months.
After Charlotte’s appointment we crossed the street to quickly get a flu shot and a blood test for me at the office of Dr. Gale, the doctor who brought Charlotte into the world. Charlotte payed rapt attention while my blood was drawn; her biggest concern was that I shouldn’t need a bandaid (she hates bandaids). Dr. Gale was so excited to see Charlotte. I think the last time she saw Charlotte was nearly 2 years ago. And, Charlotte was excited to learn that Dr. Gale knows Dr. Z. You see, everyone knows Dr. Z!!