First Day of School

It’s hard to believe that Charlotte is old enough for the first day of school, but indeed, today was Charlotte’s first day of school. She is in the petite maternelle (pre-kindergarten) at the Lycée Français de Chicago. It’s 4 full days, one half day a week. I drop her off at 8:30 and pick her up at 3:15. When we applied a year ago, I didn’t think she’d be ready. Now she’s not only ready, she’s eager.

We’re excited that she’ll be getting a wonderful bilingual education that will enable her to speak with Philippe’s family. And, we’re thrilled that she’s in such a nurturing, loving environment. Her teacher, Celine, was one of the camp counselors and we know how kind and collaborative she is. After dropping Charlotte off today, we now know also that she greets her students with big hugs.

Charlotte was very excited about school. Yesterday we had a playdate in her classroom to acclimate the children. She wouldn’t let me out of her sight. Today, however, once I’d walked her in and had given her a hug she said, “Mommy, you can go now.” She had been telling me all week that she was going to “like it there” and she did. Tonight she asked if she could go back tomorrow.

Don’t expect bilingual audioposts just yet. Celine explained at a parent meeting that it can take the American children up to two years to speak French. As she noted, it took them two years to learn English, we can’t expect them to learn French any faster. But, we know that her comprehension of French improved greatly in 3 weeks of summer camp, and can imagine the same in pre-k.

Why is she not holding her backpack? Because she made me carry it in!

3 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. I loved the blog post. The picture is absolutely beautiful! (love the dress) I cannot even believe she is in school! It has been such an honor to be with her these past 3 years (yes, three years (already)) She is such a bright, bold little person, and I have no doubt she will only become even more remarkable in the years to come. I have so enjoyed watching her grow into such a graceful little lady! I feel very privileged that she- and you and Philippe- have been a part of my life- as she has taught me so much about what it means to be strong. (because if any one of us is strong, it is her.) If she can accomplish what she has in the past 3 years, she can accomplish anything. I find myself at a loss for words when I speak of her to my friends and family, because there truly are not enough words to describe how amazing she is. She may be small, but she has a very big heart – no pun intended 🙂 – and it is only growing larger with time. I can’t wait to watch her grow and learn even more, and I know she is very strong-willed and focused. I know she will do great in school! -Karley

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