Cardiac Update

Cardiac Update:
Charlotte had her semi-annual cardiology appointment today. (I like to call this the “Remember, she’s a heart patient?” appointment. )

She weighed in at 15.4 k and measured 41 inches (104 cm). Her electrocardiogram (EKG) was normal despite the fact that she cried and coughed through the whole thing.

Dr. Young wants to see her in about 9 months. She’ll have to have an echo and a 24-hour halter monitor (portable EKG). So, now you know our plans for spring break!

And that, my friends, is the Cardiac Update in toto. Did you ever think it could be so short?

Now for the Cardiac Appointment Hi-Jinx Report:
Charlotte tried so hard to be brave during her EKG, but the minute Amber started putting the leads on her legs she began to cry. Crying led to flemmy coughing due to her ear infection. She fussed the whole time.

Once she was calm after the test, we did some coloring. Charlotte stopped coloring and put the crayons in the crook of her bent knees. She then proceeded to tell me that we were pretending the crayons were EKG leads. “We have to put them in kind of slowly,” she said “and then pull them out fast.” Over and over and over. The backs of her knees are covered with blue crayon polka dots.

Right now she’s listening to my heart (with her real stethoscope) and watching Finding Nemo (for the umpteenth time).

2 thoughts on “Cardiac Update

  1. That sounds like a pretty good appointment… even though she didn’t like some of it. I always have to take someone with me to Caden’s, cause he screams bloody murder through the whole thing. Well, the good news from the doctor makes it more bearable, anyway. Good for you guys!Ashlea

  2. Hi. I wanted to just send you a word of encouragement. I am 30 year old TA patient in Alabama. I had 3 surgeries by the time I was 9 years old and have not needed one since…nor do they anticipate another. Also, I am pregnant with my husband and my first child. Living a normal life was no problem and I was thankful to have doctors who encouraged it rather than tried to make you feel like you always had to be very careful. I remember the days of being younger and going to the cardiologist; it was never fun. Charlotte looks like a fun kid with a great attitude. Having an upbeat attitude and others around her with the same, I believe, will help her health in the long run. I just wanted to share.

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