We Really Are Here

Charlotte is such a regular girl that I’ve had a hard time keeping up with her lately. In March we went to the Notebaert Nature Museum or, as Charlotte calls it “The Butterfly Museum,” for a special fundraising event–a butterfly adoption. When we got there, she was given a live butterfly in a little box and she got to release it into the Butterfly Haven. She had so much fun that she brought her toy butterfly home in the little window box and is still keeping it there. We’re going back for their next butterfly adoption in June. We can’t wait!

She has discovered that S’bucks kids’ hot cocoa. The second or third time we got it for her, she drank some and then asked for a sip of my water. So, I said, “Sure, hand me your cup.” She did. It was EMPTY. She’d had it for about 2 minutes. I’ll spare you the trip to the S’bucks website: 8 ounces of a kids’ hot cocoa is 210 calories. She has at least one a weekend. Many times she asks for it.

Little Miss Charlotte is truly a sassy-frass. Some recent quips:

In the car, listening to her alltime favorite, “Mamma Mia” on the ABBA Gold album, I was la-la-ing along, not singing the words, just kind of singing scat.
Charlotte: “Come on. You know the words.” I laugh.
Charlotte :”What’s funny?”
Me: “You, sassing your mommy, that’s funny.”
Charlotte: “You’re funny, Mommy, singing that song.”

Last week, I told Charlotte that Karley wasn’t coming on Friday and that we’d have a special “All Mommy and Charlotte Day.”
Charlotte: “Charlotte’s a little bit sad about that.” (Yes, she still class herself “Charlotte.” But, she does say “ch” sometimes.)

Me: “What are you sad about? Spending the day with Mommy? Or, missing Karley?”

Charlotte: “Missing Karley
She also asked Daddy to go away for a while one night so that she could keep playing with Karley.

So many other stories I should have told you as they happened. But, she’s been such regular kid that she’s had me quite exhausted at the end of the day!

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