Reflux Chronicle: Days without…

“‘harlotte is eating a sandwich just like Daddy do.” Mommy is fklemt.

We have long been in the habit of counting DWOV (Days without Vomit). Recently, most every day has been a DWOV. So much so that we’ve lost count. Yeah, Charlotte occassionally coughs up stuff, mostly like anyone does with a cold. But when she has a cold, she’s more likely to vomit at meals or in bed. Last week’s cold involved only one bed change and a few small urpcidents. It was a huge milestone for us.

So, what are we counting these days? DWOTT–Days without Tummy Tube. In the past 14 days, Charlotte has taken 100% of her calories by mouth (drumroll, please) a total of 9 days. On the days when we’ve used the tube, it has been for only 40 mls. and only once a day. So, 65% of the time she’s 100% orally fed. And the other days she’s 93% orally fed.

Today at lunch she downed her peanut butter and jelly puree, chomped on some pretzels and blueberries, and then asked for a sanwich. She asked for it. And proceeded to eat about 1/16th of a pb&j sanwich on wholewheat.

Where were we a year ago? She was eating about 50% by mouth and vomiting almost daily, going for only 3 to 5 days without vomit.

2007 has been quite a year.

5 thoughts on “Reflux Chronicle: Days without…

  1. No more Latte’s… simply very (very) large coffee… Not sure that that is necessarily an improvement 🙂 — Guess what (one of) my 2008 resolutions is going to be.That said, what an awesome post and what a gorgious picture… Daddy got a little teary-eyed too…From Detroit, cannot wait to see my Poops again…

  2. Way to go, Charlotte! I love PB and J, too. We can have a lunch party when you come to NJ. There will be 4 puppies for you to see at Bamma’s house. What fun! I am so proud of you.Love, Bamma

  3. Ilene – it’s Sue Cummings! I found you thru Google and am thrilled to see pictures of your beautiful daughter! I’d love to hear from you. I’m down in Florida, married 15 years and have two daughters myself. You look just like you did when we were kids! my email: ph. 941-876-3883Love, Sue

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