Children’s Memorial Hospital: New Doc On Staff?

I am sad to report that I missed the first Halloween that meant anything to Charlotte. I was busy teaching (and I let one of my students leave early so she could take her kids trick or treating because I was sad to miss Charlotte’s first outing).

But, as you can see, Charlotte had a blast with her gal pal Karley. Here’s what Karley had to say about Halloween with Charlotte:

We went trick-or-treating across the street, she loved it! She got a lolly pop
from someone that she wouldn’t let out of her site once we got home.

I heard from Karley and Philippe that Charlotte was so excited for trick-or-treaters, too. She gave them candy and when they left, asked to see more. In fact, yesterday morning she was still looking for trick-or-treaters.
Charlotte’s costume was a gift from our friends at the Children’s Memorial Foundation. She’s not just a doctor, she’s a bubba doctor. She has already declared that she’ll be a bubba doctor again next year.

All photographs (c) Karley Beery, October 2007

1 thought on “Children’s Memorial Hospital: New Doc On Staff?

  1. Hello,I stumbled onto your blog about Charlotte because I was looking for reflux help for myself.We seem to have a lot in common, my older daughter, Jessica, is also a cardiac kid! She is now 25, but was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, double outlet right ventricle (hlhs/dorv). She had 5 heart surgeries at Children’s in Chicago & has had other medical issues, too. She received a heart-transplant in 1999. She & my younger daughter, Amy, are graduating from DePaul in June.I live in Northbrook.I hope Charlotte continues to do well. Best wishes to your family.Eileen Pearlman

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