Reflux Chronicle: Losing Count

I have officially lost count of the number of days without vomit. We’ve definitely broken Charlotte’s world record. We’re not counting little bitty urps (wet burps, really).

Yesterday we did not use the feeding tube at all. If I remember correctly, we didn’t use it on Saturday either. And I cannot remember the last time we took the Zevex pump out of the cabinet.

Dare I say that the reflux is behind us?

2 thoughts on “Reflux Chronicle: Losing Count

  1. Yay Charlotte! I’ve been off and on following your story for about six months now (I think I googled reflux and feeding clinics and came up with you guys). Anyway, we’re at an earlier stage of the journey (our micropreemie is 13 months corrected and about 17 months actual) and we’re hoping that some day I can post that we’ve lost count of vomit free days…right now the number is pretty easy to remember since it’s a big fat zero.You guys are an inspiration to those of us still fighting the reflux bear. What changed? Is it that Charlotte just got older and bigger and stronger? Is there anything that you guys did that finally beat down this monster?

  2. I think what changed is that Charlotte is older and perhaps has outgrown her reflux. Also, the second heart surgery seems to have given her a lot more strength and endurance.What I’ve notices (b/c she vomited a few times over the weekend) is that the less frequently she vomits, the more she enjoys eating. So, one day of no vomit will buy you 2 days next time.Also, I have found an enormous amount of support from P2P, a website for parents of kids with reflux. Check it out: “handle” there is chicbean.

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