Where’s Charlotte?

We’ve been on vacation in sunny, beautiful, laid-back Virginia Beach. We’ve had the great fortune to be able to catch up with old friends*, visit with family, and celebrate my mother’s upcoming birthday.

Charlotte loves VA Beach. Good thing, too, since Philippe and I cannot ever get enough of this place.
She’s eating like crazy–1/4 to 1/2 cup of pureed food per meal and often drinking everything she should.
To cut back on vomiting, we’ve cut the Duocal out of her Pediasure and have reduced the volume by 40 mls. per meal (with the blessing of our dietitian extraordinaire from CHOW).
She continues to vomit, sometimes small volumes, sometimes fairly significantly. We still think we may be giving her too many calories. Did you ever think you’d read that?
Stay tuned for our CHOW visit on Thursday.

*By “old” I am referring to the length of our acquaintance, not the age of our pals

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