Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

May 2005. Children’s Memorial Hospital. Chicago IL.

While so many days in the past two years have crept by, seemingly interminable, the years themselves have flown at warp speed. Our fragile, broken-hearted little girl has blossomed into a vivacious, playful, bright toddler, as regular in appearance as she is extraordinary in her reality.

May 2006. Music Class. Chicago IL.

She learns so much each day that it is hard to keep up with her, let alone keep up blogging about her. Surely most toddlers have this lightening approach to learning–the sponge effect. It is awe-inspiring.

April, 2007. At home. Chicago, IL.

My dearest Charlotte,
On your second birthday I wish you joy, love, and much laughter. Though how you could laugh more than you already do, I don’t know.

With a heartfelt nod to fellow Mommy Blogger Lemony Lemon because I too dislike the Hallmark guy…

Be two with all of your heart. Not just the heart that thumps strongly after two open-heart surgeries, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a fighter. Be two with the heart that sees the world filled with love.

Be two with all of your glee. Rejoice in the delightful surprise of the wind blowing, of getting caught in the path of pigeons flapping away, of running in the playground.

Be two with all of your exuberance. Continue to shout to the skies your unabashed adoration of blowing bubbles, kicking a ball, running, puppies, and your Daddy. Shout when you list all your favorite friends, activities and foods. Don’t hold back. Not yet.

Be two with all of your wonder. Grab onto that letter B and those ABC cards. Make up songs as you play your piano. Your fascination will take you far. I only hope I’ll be able to keep up.

Be two with all of your stubbornness. Standing your ground is important. We’ll stop you if you’re going to hurt yourself or someone else. Until then, figure out who you are and what you want and need. No one else can do that for you.

Be two with all of your affection. Crawl into my lap with a book or for a cuddle whenever you choose. Wrap your arms around my leg or Daddy’s just because we’re there. Ask for all the kisses you want (even on those silly, stinky toes). Don’t stop. Not ever.

And, as I tell you every day, dance like no one is watching.

We love you in this moment as we will love you in every moment. Your spirit shines so brightly that I can believe that you have been touched by grace. Take that spirit and soar into your third year.

May you grow from strength to strength.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

  1. Hapy Birthday, Charlotte, my love. Your mother’s eloquent words leave me breathless! All that I wish for you she has put into beautiful poetry. I wish I could say it as well.Love, Bamma

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