This Photo by Karley

Many of you have heard us say that we are blessed to have a bevvy of amazing babysitters and friends who clamor (seriously) to hang out with Charlotte. In fact, Charlotte’s very first babysitter practically came home with us from the hospital, our wonderful friend & PICU nurse Samantha.

Karley has been sitting for Charlotte for over 18 months. While Charlotte is just now learning to say her name, the bond between them is clear. (And give the toddler a break, she can’t even say her own name!). What I have neglected to tell most of you is that Karley is a photography student at Columbia College. And she is seriously talented (okay, now, I was in the business for a while, so I get to say that).
Now, of course, it doesn’t hurt that her subject loves the “tamera.”
I’ve “stolen” this off of Karley’s Flickr site, so I can’t resize it. Follow the link to see the rest of the photos.

1 thought on “This Photo by Karley

  1. Hey guys-I just wanted to stop by and say hey! California is wonderful and Stanford seems to be shaping up. Also, thanks for the shameless plug of title, 1st babysitter to Charlotte. She really looks fantastic, and I am so happy to see her surgery went over without a hitch. Talk to you soon. Sam

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