Heart Update

Charlotte had her first post-surgical cardiology visit with Dr. Young.

Dr. Young was quite pleased with her progress: She’s gained weight since her surgery (at the pediatrician’s last week she topped out at 26 lbs.). Her heart sounds good and there is only a slight “swish,” mostly the sound of blood through the conduit. No regurgitation sounds. And, her chest x-rays looked good.

Princess Charlotte getting ready for her x-ray.

Charlotte was a trooper–she smiled for the camera during her x-ray and most of her EKG. My secret weapon? The camera. Little Miss Diva-in-Training loves having her picture taken. So, we explain that the x-ray machine is a camera and so is the EKG machine.

Also, having a wonderful technician who thinks to have Charlotte help put the stickers and lead on. Pure genious.

Finally, a smile. That wasn’t so bad, was it Charlotte?

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