23 months old

Showing off her scar on 4/4/2007, 2 weeks post-surgery.

The only “boo-boo” Charlotte is concerned with is the teeny-tiny scab/scar from the IV in the back of her right hand.

Imagine, you’re twenty three months old and you have already survived:

2 open heart surgeries

2 angioplasties

1 gastronomy tube surgery

23 months of reflux with related painful vomiting episodes

1 STARBand to reshape your head (yes, remember the helmet?)

You’ve seen more doctors and had more shots than most people see or have in 23 years.

Would you be this happy?

Seriously, this happy all the time.

And yet, Charlotte suffers so much less than so many children we have the privilege of knowing through our virtual community.

Today, as every day, we count our multitude of blessings. The past 23 months have certainly had their trials, but when we wake up to this smile every day, they all seem to fade.

Thanks for being with us on this journey.

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