Today’s Episode Sponsored by the Number 735

Heart surgery? What heart surgery?

So, you’re thinking, “Okay, the heart seems to be fine. How’s the little whippersnapper eating?”

Typically, we feed Charlotte four times a day–breakfast, pre-nap, post-nap, and dinner. In order the meals are 240 ml, 180 ml, 240 ml, 240 ml (8 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 8 oz). Remember, unlike regular 22 month olds, Charlotte’s primary nutrition is still liquid, deeelicious vanilla Pediasure. She eats a wide variety of solid foods, from avocado to zucchini literally, but not nearly enough to sustain her.

We can hope that Charlotte will drink about 50%, maybe as much as 60% of her Pediasure by mouth. The rest goes in by g-tube.

Today, however, was another story. Before her nap, she drank a full 8 ounces!! And this is the meal that is usually a 6 ounce goal. For the day, she totalled 735 mls (out of a goal of 900 ml) by mouth. Yesiree–she took 81.6% of her Pediasure by mouth. And if she vomited, no one told me. (Kudos to Jenna for the 240!)

After her return from the hospital last week, Charlotte was a bit clingy. I had some babysitter relief and had to bribe Charlotte with stickers to get her to let me leave. Today, knowing that I was going to work, she looked at me and said, “Mommy bye-bye. Play Jenna.” Then, when I told her that mommy and daddy were going out for dinner and Eve would be putting her to bed, “Mommy bye-bye. Play Eeeeeeeeee.” (In Charlotte-speak, “play” is pronounced “pay,” an irony not lost on me!) Yep, she pushed me out of the door. Big sigh.

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