3:15 PM – Charlotte is in the PICU!

Mom is holding Charlotte’s hand, so Dad is filing this post.

Since the last post, Dr. Backer (CV Surgery) and Dr. Prisbello (sp? – Anesthesia) came and talked to us. Both looked relaxed, actually, they both had as large a grin on their faces as you would expect surgeons to grin. In brief, the operation went well, very well.

We’re now in the PICU where a beautiful little Charlotte, hooked up to the machinary we have seen before (and a couple of new devices that did not exist 2 years ago… can you imagine?), is starting her (rapid) recovery back to her former self. While heavily sedated, Charlotte has started to wiggle her fingers, wave her hand and open her eyes.

All is as well as can be right now, probably even better. Rumor has it that the breathing tube may come out tonight (Yeay!). Mom will be back on blogging really soon. Dad is settling in for the night…

Thanks for listening, thanks for monitoring… It means the world to us.

3 thoughts on “3:15 PM – Charlotte is in the PICU!

  1. That is one incredible little girl (and her parents are no slouches, either!). We’re so glad to hear that Charlotte is safely in the PICU and all has gone so well. We’ll be keeping each of you in our thoughts.Happy first day of spring to your little sprite :-)Love to you guys,Tracy, Jared, Mhari and Ava

  2. So, so glad to hear that things are going well! She’s one tough cookie, that Charlotte, that’s for sure. I hope that all continues to go smoothly, and that you’re all home and resting son.

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