Cardiology Update

Cardiology update: Charlotte saw her cardiologist, Dr. Young, on Friday for a pre-operation check-up. Luckily, we did not have to do an EKG or echiocardiogram. Charlotte was happy enough when coloring, but when the RNs wanted to weigh her (25.5 lbs) or measure her (2’10”) she screamed and screamed.

Dr. Young had us put an echocardiogram holster on Charlotte for 24 hours. This is probably the only medical thing I’ve neglected to photograph. In any case, Charlotte had 5 wires stuck to her chest and plugged in to a tiny, lightweight machine that she wore in a little bag, kind of like an evening bag, from her shoulder. After it was put on, she really didn’t know it was there, even during her nap and overnight. She did scream like crazy when I pulled the leads off yesterday.

We won’t know the results for about 10 days. The basic idea is that the reading will let Dr. Young and the surgeons know if there are any heart rhythm issues that need addressing during her surgery. This lets the surgeons know what, if any, wires to leave in for the post-op period. I’m betting on there being no arrythmia, but what do I know?

Surgery update: Charlotte’s surgery has been moved to 3/20 to accomodate Dr. Mavroudis’s schedule. Pre-op testing is 3/19.

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