Charlotte's Journey Home

Just a Regular Kid, Sort Of

25 pounds!

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Charlotte reached 25.1 pounds as of her weigh in for her Synagis shot last week. She is officially almost 5x her birthweight. And, yes, her pants still fall down because she is skinny. She’s also grown about 1.5 inches since early November (seriously, I’m not making this up). I guess that explains why she’s skinny–all that “extra” weight has to fill out a lot more height.

She’s currently obsessed with:
–Mr. Potatohead (Tato) and makes sure to kiss him good night every night
–Lacing beads (beads pease), though she likes to unlace them after having me lace them

Pat the Bunny. Yeah, I know she’s a bit past the age kids usually like this one. But she wasn’t interested until last month. And she now has 2 three word phrases courtesy of this classic, “Pat the bunny” (duh, you saw that coming, right) and “sshhh, bunny (or mommy or daddy or Elmo) is sleeping”
–Elmo!!!!!! Another 3 word phrase “I atch Elmo.” It can mean “I watched Elmo” or “I want to watch Elmo.” If the latter it is insistent, urgent and repetitive
–The salad spinner. (Thanks to the Van Laer family for a wedding gift that even entertains the kinder!)

–Kisses and hugs

Zoe and Her Zebra by Clare Beaton
–Her Princess Crown (see above). If I’d let her, she’d wear it to bed!
Bembo (Gymbo the clown from Gymboree). What she really likes is getting her hand stamped at the end of class and having Gymbo come home with her
News from the reflux front coming soon.
(Princess Charlotte’s wardrobe is provided by Her Fairy Godmother.)


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