The Money Bunny as OT

One of Charlotte’s favorite things? Put coins in her “money bunny,” a gift from Gibby and Cynthia, the parents of her Uncle Hal’s oldest friend and her Bamma’s financial advisor.

We started this activity to encourage Charlotte to rotate her wrist, something that kids who feed themselves learn to do by this age.

While Charlotte is not technically delayed with regards to her fine motor skills, there are some skills she needs encouragement to develop. I thought of this for the wrist rotation. Charlotte loves it! She learned to say “bunny” in order to ask for one of her favorite books, A Boy and His Bunny. And now, she says “bunny” and “money” to ask for this.

Along the way, of course, she’s learning new words: penny, dime, nickel. And we talk about saving money. Seriously, you can’t start saving too young, can you?
See how happy Charlotte is adding up her pennies on the calculator?! She LOVES to play with buttons, and the calculator is her favorite button-pushing “toy.”

So, Gibby and Cyn, thanks for the bunny–you thought you’d help us save. You are. And you’re helping develop fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and vocabulary, too. Who knew a Tiffany’s bunny could do so much?!

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