Dentist Update

Charlotte had her second dentist appointment today. She loved the waiting room–all the big kids wanted to play with her. (I’m afraid she’s gotten a cold from one of the kids. He was coughing up a storm and though I tried to keep her away from him..)

She wasn’t such a big fan of the nurse or Dr. Charlie. Dr. Charlie cleaned her teeth. How, you ask? He covers his lap and then we lie her head on his lap, her body on mine. I restrain her. (This seems to be a theme in Charlotte’s medical care: I restrain her while someone does something she doesn’t like, something for her own good, of course. And I pet her and whisper, “It’s okay, baby. No one is going to hurt you,” while she thinks they are hurting her and I try hard not to cry.)

Anyway….Dr. Charlie gave us “thumb’s up” for our tooth-brushing efforts. And those gray spots I was worried about? Not rot. Just yuck. And all gone now that she’s polished!

Next visit sometime after her surgery.

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