Broken Record and Runny Nose

Our vomit-free streak lasted fifteen glorious days. Count ’em, fifteen. It was lovely while it lasted.

The good news: Her vomiting since Friday seems correlated to a cold. Why is this good news? Because it seems to us that the reflux is still very much at bay. Charlotte continues to eat with gusto, if not quantity. She is not gagging during meals or vomiting after them. Since Friday, her vomits have been exclusively 1-2 hours after bedtime and seem related to a build up of mucus.

And she has yet to spike a fever (fingers’ crossed and hoping not have jinxed us by posting this), so we are hoping this is just a cold with no ear infection. She’s has these super-silly bursts of energy followed by sneezing and sliming (use your imagination) followed by cuddling then more energy.

(Charlotte helps Daddy build her kitchen)
The bad news: She’s not sleeping too well because of her cold. So she’s taking super-long naps and not getting her full quota of calories each day. Because she lost about a pound from mid-November to mid-December and has only regained 10 ounces, we’re concerned about that.

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