An offical record

Today is day # 6 without vomit. This is, to the best of our recollection, a record.

Charlotte is eating more than 50% of her formula regularly (at least for 6 days) and today outdid herself in terms of solid intake. She ate a tablespoon of “applesauce” (applesauce + cream of wheat + apple yogurt) for breakfast. Then, at lunch she ate at least a teaspoon of macaroni and cheese for her babysitter. For dinner she ate a tablespoon of pureed ravioli, most of a whole mini-ravioli and asked for grapes for dessert.

She is starting to voice her preference for food–she asked for the applesauce this morning and chose the grape over cookie at dinner.

And, best of all (for me), she’s eating for other people.

My favorite quote of the day comes from our friend Eve who also babysits for Charlotte. She says, “Charlotte is so cute. How can you stand it?” I agree and I can hardly stand it. The poor kid gets smooched within an inch of her life all day.

One other note, Bamma started something this weekend–an interest in learning colors. Today, Charlotte asked me to get the crayons. She sat on my lap and colored for a few minutes. Then she showed me the crayons one by one and I told her the colors. Over and over. For 20 minutes. She started parroting me and by bathtime was saying “orange” and “green.” I’m not sure she’s getting the concept yet, but she sure is trying. Thanks, Bamma!

2 thoughts on “An offical record

  1. Boy that kid has cute clothes! I’d forgotten. And then they’re nine…Charlotte, I look forward to seeing you in Grace’s well worn, boot cut, embroidered jeans, size 8! You’ll be just as adorable and strong willed.We love you, The Fairy Godmother,

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