Cardiac Cath Procedure Tomorrow

Charlotte goes to the hospital tomorrow for her second cardiac catheter procedure. It’s been 15 months since the last one. Back then, she was tiny, spindly and being fed through a tube in her nose. Today, she’s a chatty little monkey, love to give hugs, and giggles a lot.

It’s going to a LOT harder to watch her be wheeled down the hall for anesthesia than it has ever been before.

Philippe believes that my fear about this procedure prompted my dreaming last night that I lost Charlotte. He’s probably right. In the dream, I was out somewhere with Charlotte in her stroller. Next thing I knew, the stroller and baby were gone. I looked frantically for her. Literally saved by the bell, I woke up to the alarm clock with all members of my family safely tucked into their beds.

Charlotte will be seen tomorrow by Dr. Stephen Pophal, her interventionist cardiologist. She goes to the cath lab at 10:30 a.m. CST and we expect the procedure could take as long as 4 hours. Please keep her in your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Cardiac Cath Procedure Tomorrow

  1. We will, of course, be sending warm and sunny vibes your way. Let us know if there is anything we can do…..can’t wait to see her playing outside in the snow:-D. Love, Eve and John

  2. I just came across your blog this evening as I was doing some research for a friend regarding g-tubes. I am posting because I too, have a Charlotte with medical problems. She was born 3.5 weeks early with a cleft palate and ultimately diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence. We faced jaw surgery at 9 days old. She had a PEG placed when she was just three weeks old. Feeding has also been a HUGE challenge for us. My prayers and thoughts are with your family and if you feel up to reading about our little charlotte, her blogs are here: and Feel free to contact me at the email address at the blogs. I hope all went well with her procedure! warm wishes, lauren hale

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