A Message to Team Charlotte

Riddle: If you accidentally spill a glass of water on your laptop, what happens?

Answer: Well, it works for a little while, hooked up to a desktop. The touchpad and keyboard die. And then, nothing. (Okay, I know this is not funny.)

Yep, this tired Mommy knocked over a glass of water. Now my dear laptop is at the computer hospital where, hopefully, they will be able to retrieve my data tomorrow. We saw all the files before the Vaio died for good, but there’s no guarantee.

If you’re reading this and you have occasion to know my email address, please drop me an email with all of your pertinent information (email, phone, etc.). If I’ve emailed you since Tuesday, chances are I still don’t have your phone number or address. I’m able to email by responding to your emails saved on my web-based interface.

Also, if I’ve sent you anything I’ve written since June (essays, children’s book, spreadsheets, lecture notes, cover letter, c.v., resume, anything at all), please send a copy back to me.

Just asking for this to hedge my bet in case MicroCenter tells me that I’ve lost everything. Keep your fingers crossed that they can retrieve the data.


Back up your computer. Do it now. Seriously.
Thank you, Team Charlotte.

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