Flavor of the Week

Posing for her closeup, Charlotte practices being a super-model.
Oscar Meyer and Chef Boyardee are Charlotte’s two favorite chefs these days. The flavors of the week: turkey bologna and Ravioli-Os. These are truly among the foods I never thought I’d feed my child, at least not before she hit pre-school

In honor of her mom’s new writing gigs, Charlotte gets into the books

For the most part, feeding Charlotte for the past few weeks has resembled my last feeding post. Until yesterday, she continued to refuse most solid food and to take in only bout 25% of her Pediasure.

I recently made some changes that seem to have improved things or at least to have taken some of the tantrum out of eating:

–I’ve removed the table from the Stokke chair. Charlotte sits in the chair pushed right up to the table. This eliminates the possibility of her fighting me by trying to lift the table top off of her high chair and/or by putting bits of her food down the little slot in the table.
–I’ve stopped trying to feed her purees at many meals. She is seriously interested in feeding herself, a very recent development. So I give her a couple of noodles, a block of cheese, a quarter of a piece of bologna and disappear into the kitchen. As I prepare her Pediasure, I watch her eat all by herself. Mainly, she’s mouthing the food, sucking on bits of ham, cheese, kielbasa. But, sometimes she takes, chews, and swallows real bites.
–I also tell Charlotte that she has to take 10 sips. We count to 10 as she takes 10 sips.

So far, so good. She did not vomit at all on Tuesday and Wednesday. Today and yesterday she drank 135 ml for lunch. Not an all time record, but pretty good for the past few weeks. I’m still crying over spilled milk, but not quite daily.

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