Flavor of the Week and…

and, I’m going to use my “mommy perogative” and brag a lot about my brilliant, wonderful, adorable kid.

Flavor of the Week: Tuna Fish. Well, actually Charlotte sucked the tuna fish out of my sandwich a couple of weeks ago and asked for more. Today I made tuna salad (with mayo, tarragon, white pepper, and celery) and gave her some on a fork. As the picture shows, she was delighted with her tuna and with her macaroni and cheese. She also munched on a strawberry.

RIDDLE: If a kid eats tuna with one hand and mac-n-cheese with another, is she eating tuna casserole?

Speech development of the week: Charlotte finally responded correctly to the question “What does a sheep say?” She’s been saying “ba ba” for months now, but not making the connection between that sound and the white fluffy farm animal. Yesterday on her changing table she said “baaaa” quite enthusiastically, holding the “aaa” sound for effect. She repeated this feat for Sara, her physical therapist, today. Other animals sounds Charlotte can do on cue (when she’s in the mood): cat, monkey, cow. I’m looking for a tape recorder so I can post an audio clip. Stay tuned.

Gross motor development: Charlotte runs. Sometimes she careens and wipes out. Kind of funny. She usually gets right up, giggles and keeps going. Going around corners is particularly difficult. And hysterically entertaining.

Fine motor skills: (posting this just in case Cheryl, her OT, is reading). Charlotte’s Early Intervention annual review was on September 26. On that day, she was not yet able to stack things or use a peg board. On September 27 she began stacking. She can put 2 and 3 items on top of each other. And she likes to put one of her friends on top.

Just last week she began putting pegs in a peg board.

And she loves to color.

Finally, if you’re worried about the child of this SAHM (stay-at-home-mom for the acronym-impaired) having mommy-separation anxiety: On Tuesday when I left to go meet Philippe for theater, Charlotte waved goodbye to me and closed the door on my butt, grinning all the while.

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