Today’s episode is brought to you by the letter M and the number 3. M because Charlotte discovered a new syllable “Ma” and has said nothing but that (okay, I’m exaggerating) all day. She says “Ma Ma Ma” and I smile. So she says it again. You can see how the cycle goes. It’s pretty cute and funny.

The number 3 because at dinner she willing opened her mouth and closed it around her spoon for 3 bites of puréed pizza. What is puréed pizza? It is high on the list of things I thought I’d never feed my child—a slice of white bread puréed with .25 c. Ragu cheese sauce and .25 c. canned pizza sauce. How delicious!

And, yes, Charlotte does watch Sesame Street. About 15 minutes at a time while I’m using her leg immobilizers to stretch her hamstrings. Usually just in time for Elmo’s World. Just ask her, she can sing the “la la’s”.

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