Losing Shoes

Charlotte lost a shoe today. I’m totally bummed. It’s a really cute pink shoe with a green dragonfly on it. If you find it, please let me know. We were bike riding and during a rousing game of “push the tush” (in which Charlotte pushes my tush with her hands while I ride the bicycle) she must have taken a break to pull the shoe off. The shoes were a gift from my grad school buddy (my only grad school buddy from Northwestern) Danielle. I’m very, very sad.

Oh well. It’s just a shoe.

And, check this out, Charlotte has started wearing her pump in its little napsack. This is a huge accomplishment for me because it means I don’t have to a) chase her around with the pump during feeds or b) plop her in the baby zoo while she pumps. If I put the blue ice in, though, she topples over backwards. It’s kind of funny. She was toddling all around a birthday party today. Just a little weeble that one. Actually, as you might notice in her swagger in the “aft” picture, I think she may have a future on the runway.

1 thought on “Losing Shoes

  1. what formula is she on? If she’s on Pediasure, it can be frozen into ice cubes. So put part of her feeding in the ice cube tray to freeze, then pop them out and put them in the pump bag. Then pour the liquid formula on top. Depending on how fast the feeding goes the cubes should thaw in time to be put through the pump.

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