Toddling Along & Loving Monkeys

Now that Charlotte is walking, I swear I’m too tired at the end of the day to think. She keeps me on my toes, literally! She’s quie entertaining. Here she is taking a break during parachute time at Gymboree. (That’s a bubble on her ear.)

Brief medical updates:
–Following her ear infections last month, Charlotte has developed a yeast infection. Philippe noticed a diaper rash last weekend. It kept clearing and reappearing. Finally, last night, it came back with little white dots on it. I’d been warned by my pal Darshani to keep an eye out for this when Nitara developed a particularly virulent yeast infection. Yeast is not an uncommon reacton to antibiotics for any toddler. It can be pretty nasty for a g-tube kid if the stoma gets infected. Fortunately, due to Nitara’s recent experience, I was on the look out. Short story long, we’ve now got little baby lubed up with Lomotrin (yep, the athlete’s foot antifungal!) and Dr. Smith’s Diaper Ointment. Dr. Smith’s smells like the eraser on a brand new pencil and makes me think of elementary school! I’ve also given her two doses of Florastar. All symptoms have already begun to abate.

–And…drumroll please…Charlotte now weighs 22 lbs. If you haven’t been keeping track, that’s a full pound since 7/25! Grow, baby, grow.

–Charlotte had her quarterly Occupational Therapy evaluation today. She’s still right on target with fine motor skills for her adjusted age (14 months).

Other news:
My brother, sister-in-law and niece visited last week. Hal & Sue stayed for a weekend. Taylor was here all week. (Another reason I’ve been an absentee blogger–we had so much fun and were up pretty late every night. And, when there is a 14 year old in the house, don’t expect access to your laptop 🙂 ).Charlotte and Taylor had a blast together. I had oodles of fun just watching them. And, Taylor kicked my sorry tush in Boggle!

We took Charlotte to the zoo for the very first time. Charlotte loved the monkeys. She cried when we left the primate house. Then the pigeons distracted her!

I’m hoping to have more pictures and maybe some video to post once the Goldmans have a chance to burn a DVD for me.

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