Charlotte's Journey Home

Just a Regular Kid, Sort Of

Caption Contest


This picture was taken sometime in April and I’m still so in love with it. As Charlotte continues to run for mayor of every establishment she enters and she chats with each and every stranger who passes her, this photo seems to really capture her outgoing personality.

So, dear readers, offer up a caption for this photo. There will be a prize. Don’t know what yet. Maybe an autographed photo of the little tyke.

It will be more fun for all if you leave your caption as a comment (you’ll need to sign in to Blogger, but I don’t think it’s something to worry about), but you can email them to me.

Deadline: Wednesday August 2

The judges will convene and announce a winner shortly thereafter.

Author: Culture Bean

I am a mother, a pre-published children's author, and a published academic. I am also a "mommy blogger," though I hate the term. My passions are reading and writing. As a professor, I strive to help my students think critically about the media and culture with which they engage. I've started this blog because it's time I put my money where my mouth is!

17 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. Caption: “Uuuuh,… what’s up doc?”OK, I watched to many Looney Tunes when I was a kid…BTW, I have this picture on my desk at work…Charlotte’s Dad 🙂

  2. Can we talk? I have so much to say!

  3. Ummm… excuse me, I am too cute to go out with you.Teresa

  4. I win the prize for cute and the longest lashes!Bamma

  5. “Have we met before?”LOL She’s a doll for sure!!

  6. Do you realize you are talking with the future Ms America? Or, is it Ms Belgium???? I have the very best of both worlds!!!! TC

  7. What????????? The Cubs are in what place????? KC

  8. I’m telling you, it positively is a miracle!!! After ALL I have gone through, I still have this look of GLEE on my face and am singing, “Oh, Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries.” Ms Rhode Island

  9. My Sabbas would be so very proud of me…..I’ve come a long way, baby…..and, baby, look at me now!!! Next, I will be headed to Brown University!!!

  10. I just LOVE looking into my mommy’s and daddy’s eyes!!!! They are THE BEST!!!!

  11. Mayor, you say???? Mayor??? I am thinking of President of the U.S. H. Clinton, watch out!!!!!

  12. Yup! I have totally decided to run for President one day, perhaps asking Katharine or Karolien VanM to be my running mate, with Max/Marcus as campaign managers.

  13. Hey, ‘rents!!! Can I get a little Belgian Schipperke, pleeeeeese?? Love, your little kidlet, Charlotte.

  14. Oh Dear! You must read Bat’s Lullaby!

  15. I know Olivia and I have the same personalities!!! She is my heroine!! And that’s the truth, (to the best of my recollection!)

  16. Did I ever tell you about the time my super Poppy took me to Belgium? Just he and I, all alone, and we did just fine!!!!!

  17. Did I tell you that I am c’etait une enfant (per Dr. Young and hospital staff???)

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