Zippity Doo Da

Three guesses what Charlotte did today. And three guesses what she hasn’t, so far, done today.

Since my mother and brother didn’t get it right, either, your first two guesses don’t count
Bamma and Hal’s first guesses were:
Took her first steps (nah, she did that last week, I just forgot to tell you all)
Said MaMa (nope, she said that once last week and I forgot to tell ya’ll, but she hasn’t done it since)

So…have you figured it out? Scroll down…
(photo has nothing to do with the answer, just a cute delay tactic)

Well, Charlotte drank her entire breakfast and then some. She guzzled down 220 mls. in about 25 minutes. That was the most she had ever drunk at one sitting. And, she didn’t vomit.

We thought it was a bit of a fluke because our friend/babysitter Beth said that she’d had a huge vomit after dinner last night and then had had a tube disconnection issue at bed feed. So we figured it had been nearly 18 hours since she’d had a full tummy. Still, even when absolutely starving, Charlotte will guzzle about 3 ounces (90 mls.) and then just stop. This morning, she guzzled and guzzled. She didn’t want any solid food, just milk and more milk pleased. (Okay, Pediasure, but we call it milk.)

Then, just 3 hours later, she drank her entire lunch, 230 ml. Not the same guzzling, just a nice healthy pace. And she ate about a teaspoon of solid food. And, she did not vomit.

We had to delay her nap, so I attempted an oral feed at naptime. She took 35 ml (of 65 needed). And at dinner she drank 145 ml. (of 240 ml.). And, she did not vomit.

So, if you don’t want to do the math: Charlotte drank 630 ml. on her own today. And, she didn’t vomit.

Now I have to go do her bedtime feed. As part of the CHOW adjustments, we’re increasing it tonight so I hope I haven’t jinxed us with my refrain. Keep your fingers crossed. It wouldn’t be our first DWOV (day without vomit), but it would be the most extraordinary.

Extraordinary, indeed. I got a glimpse today into life with a regular kid. And, boy, is it glorious. It was so easy to get up and go with her after a quick meal.Instead of chasing Charlotte with her pump (she can’t quite wear the backpack yet), I got to play with her, take her for an unfettered playtime in the park, enjoy her Gymboree music class, and really, really, really enjoy Charlotte. After dinner, I pumped the last 3 ounces in half an hour, so Charlotte got to go to bed on time (we had a late nap because of a doctor’s appointment). I know this isn’t yet a trend, but I could get used to this!

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