I Think CHOW Might Be On to Something

At 9 p.m. on 6/3/2005, Philippe walked into the house and warned me not to be surprised if Charlotte were intubated by morning. She was having labored breathing and there was concern over her CO2 levels. I couldn’t sleep and started writing the next day’s update at 1 a.m. For 2 days we lived on tenterhooks wondering what was next.

Back then, I really thought those 49 days would be indelibly marked in my memory. Today, I only remember the CO2 incident because I went back and scanned the blog entry.

If you think a year makes a difference, let me tell you about the three days since our visit to CHOW:
So…since our Wisconsin visit we’ve been following the “rules” really closely. DH felt so bad this morning when he couldn’t find the “summer vegetable” bottle and gave her yogurt cereal instead. Poor guy.

And….it seems to be working I’m not sure what the ultimate goal is, since we know it’s not weaning. Since we visited the Feeding Clinic, here’s Charlotte’s oral intake
Breakfast & Lunch: 0
Dinner: 120 mls. You read that correctly, 120 mls. The kid hadn’t had more than 20-30 mls. at a time in several weeks.
Breakfast: 60 mls.
Lunch: 65 mls.
Dinner: 40 mls.
Breakfast: 100 mls. For her Dad! She hadn’t eaten for Daddy in months.
Lunch: 25 mls. Maybe distracted b/c Mommy and Daddy were deep in conversation.
Dinner: 75 mls.

She has eaten a more total ounces in the past 3 days than she totaled over the past several weeks. I’m not sure how boring her and telling her “one more sip then all done” works. But, hey, mine is not to question why!

Fingers crossed that this is a trend and not a fluke.

Oh, and did I mention that we broke the snack rule today a little? She really, really wanted to taste our chocolate frozen custard. Then she really, really, really wanted more. Clearly, she is our child! It’s all about the ice cream, isn’t it? We’re thinking of asking if we can substitute frozen custard for Pediasure. Tee hee.

Happy Saturday night!

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