Respond Instead of React

Sometime yesterday morning I realized that my inner yogini had realigned since the burglary. I’m still quite creeped out that someone broke into my home while I was sleeping. The danger we might have been in had one of us woken up is bone-chilling. But, I’m not angry at life. The truth is, we allowed this to happen by not turning on our burglar alarm (that won’t happen again) and by not realizing that a window was unlocked. My life, the good and the bad, is the result of choices I’ve made. At least 80%, I would say. Maybe 20% is chance and other people’s choices. But, for the most part, my choices.

How did I get my inner yogini realigned? Very simple. Charlotte. For her Tuesday was a regular day. There was playing to do, eating to avoid, naps to have, and lots of kisses and cuddles. She truly is the antidote.

Also, in yoga class tonight, my teacher talked about being flexible in our bodies and our minds so that when things don’t go how we’d like, we can respond rather than react. Believe it or not, that’s what I did. When I realized Philippe’s wallet and keys were gone I immediately got on the phone with the bank, credit cards, and locksmith. Without thinking about it, I responded. Maybe it’s the yoga. Who knows? All I know is that as ticked and scared as I was (and am) I knew two things 1) Charlotte had to have a regular stress-free day and 2) there was stuff that had to get done.

All this to say, if my rant put you off on Tuesday, I’m over it. Hope you are, too.

Yesterday she enjoyed a playdate with Maddie and Ruth and their mom Mary. Then she went to the park with Dillon, Nathan and their mom Laura.

Today we had physical therapy and the nurse from Early Intervention came by to do a “once in a while” check. She’s also a nutritionist. We had a long talk about Charlotte’s food strike. We all recognized that Charlotte can eat. She has no anatomical or physiological impediments. When she’s really hungry, she’ll eat. So, we’re going back to Wisconsin for our follow up on 5/31 and our goal will be 100% oral feeding by 24 months. I’ve got to get our life into a normal mode.

3 thoughts on “Respond Instead of React

  1. I’m glad you’re doing better…that would of freaked me out too. Good luck with the 24month goal! I’m sure she can…but does she want to? I deal with that question daily…but someday…I know these kid’s WILL eat!

  2. Ilene, friend, don’t dare apologize for the “rant”. Having someone invade your home certainly deserves a paragraph or two! Your grace, faith, love and devotion will see you through. (Gotta’ get those bio-rythms on the up-swing!) Our children are great healers, aren’t they? Much love, Lisa

  3. Illene:We met a few months ago. I tired to forward you an academic writing job but I never heard from you. Cna you please email me becuase now I have some questions for you.Your blog is beautiful.Thanks,Jen Cullerton JOhnson

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