If you don’t like complaints, don’t read this

Charlotte’s week has been pretty unremarkable. She continues to be on strike from her bottle. I think she’s taken it in her mouth once or twice in the past 7 days, maybe totaling 60 mls. intake over the week. Yet, on Saturday she munched a huge piece of biscuit and drank 2.5 ounces of a banana yogurt drink. Today she ate a teaspoon or two of cottage cheese. Sunday night she ate a few bites of corn and squash. Some days she’ll nibble forever on a biscuit or fig newton. Other days she’ll only eat salty, crunchy meltable foods. Last night she screamed just watching me lift the spoon from a bowl. It’s infuriating, actually, because her refusal to eat doesn’t always correlate to visible reflux or discomfort (read: vomiting). I’m frustrated beyond belief and wish someone would tell us why this is happening and when it will get better.

The real update today: We were burglarized last night. Someone broke into our basement while we slept and took some small electronics, Philippe’s work laptop (thank G-d they didn’t get my laptop), his wallet, cell phone and keys. Fortunately (or not), we heard nothing and he didn’t come upstairs. In the basement windows, through the house, out the basement door and through the back gate (using Philippe’s keys to open the gate). He did leave a very good set of fingerprints on the one piece of stereo equipment that he decided to leave behind.

I won’t tell you in what order I checked on the cats and the baby. Use your imagination–I knew the guy probably hadn’t been on the second floor and the baby can’t get out herself. The cats could have. But they didn’t and our kitties and baby are safe and sound. Our credit cards are cancelled, Philippe has a new drivers license, and the house has new locks and keys. It is, however, creepy to think that he was here as we slept and while I’m exhausted, I can’t bear the thought of closing my eyes. Never thought I’d be grateful for my insomnia.

We are fine. Really. We’re quite shook up, angry, annoyed–at the burglar and at ourselves for the many different things we should be in the habit of doing that could have prevented this. He didn’t get any terribly valuable personal items and we were able to cancel all but one credit card before he used it. Philippe has to try to re-create several months worth of work. And, as grateful as I am that we are fine and that he took so little, I am so angry that we have to go through one more thing. Enough is enough already. I don’t get why some people cruise through life and seem to get all the good breaks (not that I begrudge anyone that) and others get hit again and again. When will it stop? And yet, I feel terrible saying this knowing what terrible crises two of my friends are going through right now. Their woes certainly put ours in perspective. But, crikey, seriously, enough is enough already. I’m beyond fed up.

I’ll try to get some pictures up soon.

And for you locals, don’t forget The Jungle Book on June 3. Get your tickets soon!

Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book
Saturday June 3 rd 1pm
Apollo Theatre
2540 Lincoln Ave Chicago
Please call Terry Spence for information (773) 880-6871

1 thought on “If you don’t like complaints, don’t read this

  1. {{huggs}} for you and Charlotte…i’m sure it will improve, but like you i’d LOVE to know when!!! It’s just not something we can know. WTG on the piece of biscuit and drinking 75cc’s!!! I left a comment for you about the burglary on P2P….hope it helps!

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