We’re Back!

Well, actually, we’ve been back home since Saturday. Luckily, I was able to change my (changed) ticket at the last minute and fly home on Saturday. Philippe and Charlotte were on our original flight. I was on a non-stop. It worked out well–I got in a few hours earlier, unpacked and then went back to the airport to pick up my honeys. Philippe said that once again Charlotte was a great, easy travel companion.

So, enough about the traveling part. The visit itself is what everyone wants to know about. Well, by the time I arrived on Tuesday, Charlotte and Nenenne (Philippe’s mother’s “grandmother” name) were fast friends. Nenenne had borrowed toys, a high chair, and a playpen so that Charlotte had things to do and a place to sit. The most fun was a little plastic car that Charlotte really enjoyed.

We made the rounds to visit Philippe’s aunts and uncles. I remembered to get a picture of us with Tonton Ghislain (Philippe’s mother’s brother and Philippe’s godfather) and Tante Joseanne.Everyone is a bit out of it in this picture because we’d just had a fabulous meal and food coma is about to set in. I’m sad to say that I completely forgot to take pictures with Tante Andre and Tonton Ric (Philippe’s dad’s sister and her husband) or with Tante Marie Jeanne (Philippe’s dad’s eldest sister). Charlotte greeted each of her great-aunts and great-uncles with big smiles. She loved being with her family. I she was occasionally crank, I’d chalk it up to jet lag and not getting great naps.

We also got to have some brief visits with Philippe’s good friends–Philippe saw the Houdart family and I got to go with him and Charlotte to visit the Van Laers. Again, I managed not to take pictures. Duh. I did get this one of Charlotte sitting in Sara and Eric’s backyard.
Sara’s children were adorable with Charlotte, especially Femke.

I could go on and on with stories about our trip, but I don’t want to bore anyone. Charlotte had a great time. She charmed her family and they charmed her. We had such amazing visits with everyone. And I was so glad that Charlotte finally got to meet her grandmother and aunts and uncles.

She also met Maria, Philippe’s babysitter and a woman who has safe spot in his heart. I was very touched to find that Maria’s daughter Nadine checks the blog regularly and prints out the photos for Maria. Nadine’s whole family got in the car and buzzed over to meet Charlotte. And Maria had pictures of Charlotte all around her home. So touching. And Charlotte liked it too–she just snuggled into Maria’s lap and hung out for a while.

It was a really quick trip, especially for me. We’re all so tired. But, Charlotte has been a serious trooper. She slept through the night on our first night home. Last night was a bit rougher. She’s already back on her nap schedule, so I’m hoping that the jet lag is nearly over.

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